General Information

  • Reserved campers are allowed to enter the grounds on Thursday, July 7, 2016
  • There are no campsites available in the main show field or on the hill to the north of the show field. These spots are sold to sponsors and vendors.

There are different types of camping fields available, they are:
1. Disabled Camping:                                                        Bed Time: 12 to 1am
2. Senior Camping:                                                             Bed Time: 12 to 1am
3. Family Camping:                                                             Bed Time: 12 to 1am
4. Late Night Camping:                                                    No Sleeping Available!

Definition of Late Night Camping:  No Sleeping Available.

Please be aware that if you camp in these fields there is little or no chance that you will get any sleep. (We would also like to point out that approximately 95% of our camping fields are family camping and it is extremely important to mention at the gate that you would like family camping).There are 17 different areas to camp in, if you tell us the experience you are looking for we can then direct you to the appropriate area.  If you are a Jamboree Fan and know our grounds, then the fields are the same set up as our sister show.

  • Please remember our strict “No Glass” policy.Our staff will be checking to be sure that no glass makes its way into the grounds.
  • If you leave your campsite be sure to put yourcoolers, etc. out of sight. In order to prevent theft of such items, we suggest that you lock them in your trailer or put them in the trunk of your car.

Washrooms & RV/Trailer Services:
We are proud to welcome “Johnny On The Spot” as our EXCLUSIVE provider of portable toilets, potable water and pump-outs for 2016! You can reach Johnny On The Spot at 1.888.686.0664, CALL NOW to pre-order your own personal toilet for the event!

Johnny On The Spot will be located by the barn behind the main stages. You can also call them on-site for all your trailer pump-outs & potable water needs. Trucks will be driving around the grounds to offer these services – just flag them down and they will assist you on a pay-per-use basis. Onsite number is the same:  1.888.686.0664.

NOTE: No other provider is allowed on the grounds – WATER is ONLY considered CLEAN & SAFE if it is purchased from Johnny On The Spot!