Rules To Follow While at HaveROCK!

To make our event enjoyable for all, the following set of rules will be enforced at all times during the event.

Youths and Children Must be Accompanied by an Adult

This rule is strictly enforced. Even if a ticket has purchased in advance, they will not be allowed on the grounds unless accompanied by the adult. THEY WILL NOT RECEIVE A REFUND IF THEY HAVE NO ADULT TO ACCOMPANY THEM. We are doing this as an effort to try and control drinking under age. We DO NOT condone this type of behavior.

No Glass Containers Permitted on the Grounds

Absolutely NO GLASS containers permitted on the grounds. Please bring your beverages in cans or plastic containers. Please pour your drinks into plastic containers. Our “No Glass” policy will be strictly enforced and could lead to eviction from the property.


In order for us to maintain an orderly park we need your help.  NO WALKING AROUND WITH OPEN DRINKS ON THE ROADWAYS! When heading to the Main Stage Field please transport your beverages in plastic closed containers and keep them in your bag! Excessive amounts of alcohol are not allowed in the Stage Area, Coolers will be checked to ensure you are not transporting EXCESSIVE amounts of alcohol.  NO GLASS IS ALLOWED ON THE GROUNDS. We thank you for helping us to maintain safe roadways.

No Large Dogs Permitted on the Grounds – UPDATE MARCH 30/16

NO LARGE DOGS WILL BE ALLOWED ON THE JAMBOREE GROUNDS. If you ‘re not sure if your dog is what WE call large please call the office to check. We will, as we always have, allow small “lap” dogs to enter the grounds on the conditions we have always made very clear. #1. the dogs stay at the campsite. #2. the dog does not bark or make any excessive noise. #3. if there are any complaints about the dog, the owner will have to remove the dog from the premises. The owner will not receive a ticket refund and the owner is welcome to come back on the grounds without the dog.This includes the camping field, show field or anywhere else inside the event. We will be spot checking trailers and vehicles to ensure this rule is followed. NO DOGS ON THE SHOW FIELD.


Absolutely NO OPEN FLAME FIRES are allowed on the Jamboree Grounds.

Music (Other than on stage)

People come from near and far to listen to the music we provide on our twin stages and to jam at your campsite afterwards. Loud music from vehicle radios, amplifiers or any other sound system is a disturbance to everyone and is not allowed. Anyone caught disturbing the peace in this way will be evicted without a refund.


Generators will be allowed to operate between 8 am and 11 pm. If your generator makes excessive noise or creates excessive fumes you will be asked not to use it. We understand some people have health related issues that require the use of generators all night. In fairness to other campers, these generators must be whisper quiet and not disturb other campers in any way. If you do not comply with these rules you will be evicted without a refund.

Please be assured that all of the above rules will be enforced and there will be no second chances. Our main objective is to make our event an enjoyable experience for all of our music fans.


“We’re here for a good time – not a long time”